Monica Canepa

Monica strong interests are focused on economy and transport policy and research activities related to this area. She is a specialist in economics of transport from theoretical and empirical point of view both. Scientific coordination of various conferences, many years of experience in the development and management of research projects for the University of Genoa. She is currently a Research Associate – Maritime Energy Management research Group at the World Maritime University, Malmo (Sweden)

Dr. Glenn Wright

United States of America
Dissertation Title: Virtual Aids to Navigation

Dr. Kana Nkasanga Patrick Mutombo

South Africa
Dissertation Title: A Holistic Risk-Oriented Framework for Port Infrastructure Adaptation to Climate Change

Dr. Tafsir Matin Johansson

Dissertation Title: Abandoned Vessel and Derelict Management in a Canadian Federal Context: Strategic Proposals and Pragmatic Alternatives Based on Legal Interpretation, International Law & European Union Best Practice

Dr. Derek Lambert

South Africa
Dissertation Title: Improving learning outcomes within a developing maritime nation lacking practical resources through the introduction of classroom technology. A case study at a South African University of Technology.

Dr. Lawrence Kuroshi

Dissertation Title: Design and evaluation of Ballast Water Management Systems using Modified and Hybridized Axiomatic Design Principles

Dr. Safaa Abdul Hussein Jaiyz Alfayyadh

Dissertation Title: Development of the Framework for a Lean, Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Port: Umm Qasr Port as a Case Study