Maritime Women: Global Leadership
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Mar 2015

Editors: Dr. Momoko Kitada, Erin Williams, and Dr. Lisa Loloma Froholdt

This exciting new WMU book series' volume features the first attempt to include detailed experiences of women in the maritime sector at a global level. It highlights the achievement of women in the maritime sector, in particular, women’s leadership and service to the sustainable development of the maritime industry. The volume contains contemporary studies on maritime women and follows an inter-disciplinary approach. It offers an overview of women's integration into the maritime sector since the late 1980s as well as benchmarking its impact on various levels, such as policy, employment, education, leadership and sustainability. Even 20 years after the Beijing Declaration, gender-related challenges at work still remain in the maritime sector, for example, lack of gender policy, difficulty in work-life balance, access to education, and leadership opportunities. The book addresses a series of recommendations that may further help the integration of women into the maritime sector.

  • First book of its kind to focus on women in the maritime sector at a global level
  • Offers inter-disciplinary approach to gender issues in shipping
  • Covers women’s leadership in various maritime roles
  • Contains the overview of women's integration into the maritime sector and the Conference Declaration
  • Benchmarks what has been achieved and what remains to be done, 20 years after the Beijing Declaration, and requires further attention

To learn more or purchase the book from Springer, click here. 


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