The Shipping Industry, Ocean Governance and Environmental Law in the Paradigm Shift
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Dec 2014

The publication examines the corpus of status quo environmental legal regime, geographical issues and redundant “stakeholder claims” that persist in the Arctic. Consideration is given to different notions, legal theories, and stakeholders, and the authors critically examine the Arctic national legislation. A unique aspect of the book is the Corporate Social Responsibility analysis pertaining to the Arctic. Through logic and reasoning, the authors propose a detailed and intricate new Arctic legal regime that is hierarchy based. 

Authors: Tafsir Johansson and Patrick Donner  

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A textbook for instructors and assessors working with STCW in the maritime education and training sector.
An essential volume for maritime draftsmen, practitioners and scholars.
The book provides an introduction to shipping in all its aspects. It is a valuable source of information for students of traditional maritime law as...