The World Maritime University, an education and research arm of the International Maritime Organization, offers customized executive courses to meet the educational needs and requirements of a particular organization. WMU’s educational expertise, high caliber instructors, international environment, and close relationship with the customer, ensure the effective achievement of executive course objectives. Participants not only acquire critical knowledge, but also strengthen relationships with colleagues in their organization. The customized executive courses promote interactivity in order for participants to be able to think critically about themselves and about their role in the organization.

A close relationship is established between the customer and WMU’s executive education staff from the initial design stage of a course. Joint efforts are made to ensure that the problems encountered by the organization are thoroughly analyzed and the key issues clearly identified. This allows for the teaching and learning objectives to be well formulated, corresponding programme curricula drafted, and the most suitable instructors selected. The Director of Executive Education, at the client’s invitation, can be involved in all stages of the process to ensure the objectives are effectively achieved.

Indicative list of Customized Executive Courses requested by clients:

  • Container Terminal Performance & Planning

  • Contemporary Environmental Issues in the Maritime Industry

  • Contemporary Issues in Integrated Coastal Zone Management

  • Dangerous Goods

  • Developments in the Maritime Labour Convention

  • Economic Modelling of Shipping Markets

  • Executive Developments in the Maritime Sector

  • IMO Ballast Water Management Convention Model Course

  • IMO Ship Energy Efficiency Management Model Course

  • Climate Change Impacts on the Maritime Sector

  • Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) in MET

  • International Safety Management Code

  • International SPS Code

  • International Trade & Transport

  • Law of the Sea

  • Maritime Casualty Investigation

  • Maritime English - Upgrading Teaching Competencies

  • Offshore Reception Facilities

  • Port State Control: Building and Refreshing Skills

  • Protection & Preservation of the Marine Environment

  • Ship Finance & Investment