This Research Priority Area interrogates developments of technology in ship operations (including the evolution of automation and digitalization), education and training (including e-learning), ship safety, information and communication for ship business (e-documentation) and its effect on the social, legislative and administrative dimensions of shipping. The cross-cutting nature of technology and innovation establishes an almost universal link between this REA and all the other REAs.

Key topic areas:

  • Technological development including digitalization, artificial intelligence, autonomous shipping, big data and its manifestation and effects in the maritime industry e.g. in autonomous vessels, in sustainable energy generation, in education and training etc.
  • Trend analyses of technology and its impact on the maritime industry and society
  • Predictive modelling of technological developments and their impacts e.g. on labour supply and demand
  • Security infrastructure for technological systems - currently focused on cyber-security
  • Fundamental philosophies relating to the sociological phenomena that drive a “technological society”