The issues raised in respect of energy management with a view to reducing pollution and generating energy in a sustainable manner requires significant research in understanding current problems, generating innovative approaches to policy making for energy management, the design and operation of vessels with particular reference to the use of renewable sources of energy and to provide valuable insights into how to the maritime industry can contribute substantially and in an accelerated manner to achieving a low carbon and energy efficient global future. This RPA seeks to advance the knowledge in the Maritime Energy Management field by conducting world-class fundamental and applied research in the thematic areas of energy efficiency, regulatory frameworks, renewable energy, social factors related to energy, the economics of energy and energy-related technology/innovation. The thematic areas will be addressed using a ship life-cycle perspective (design, production, operation and recycling) and in consideration of the impacts of shipping on oceans, through ports and to shipyards.

Key topic areas:

  • Maritime energy policy and governance
  • Economics and social dimensions of energy management
  • Energy management over the life-cycle of ships and in maritime onshore facilities (ports, shipyards)
  • Renewable energy including ocean energy applicable to the maritime industry
  • Marine technology and innovation related to energy
  • The circular economy from a waste reduction and renewable energy perspective