For well over 30 years, the World Maritime University in Sweden and the IMO International Maritime Law Institute in Malta have offered their renowned Master of Science, Master of Laws, Master Juris and PhD degree programmes. Now, for the first time, WMU and IMLI have joined to offer a new degree programme leading to the degree of Master of Philosophy in International Maritime Law and Ocean Policy. 

The programme is designed to ensure the future sustainability of the world’s oceans in accordance with the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The power of the two institutions, both founded by the International Maritime Organization, provide a unique learning opportunity for maritime and marine professionals who aim to shape the future of the world’s oceans. This innovative M.Phil. programme allows students to spend their first year at WMU, gaining a strong grasp of international ocean governance and policy, and then move on to IMLI to spend their second year specializing in international maritime law. Graduates of the programme will be expert international maritime lawyers, immersed in the UN system structure and goals, who can advocate for the policies and legislation to transform the world’s oceans and support their sustainable development. They will be fully equipped to play an important role in developing national ocean governance policies that reflect the latest international initiatives, rules and regulations.

The initiative for the MPhil programme stemmed from the increasing threats to the oceans by a number of human activities and the lack of proper governance of the waters within and beyond the limits of national jurisdiction. Issues of regulation and governance as well as fragmented international regimes add another layer of complexity. Ocean governance is ever-changing and it is critical to establish safe and sustainable ocean governance for the 21st century and beyond.

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