All candidates must apply electronically. Paper applications are not accepted. Applications can be submitted at any time; there are no cut-off dates.

Applicants who meet the minimum entrance requirements are reviewed by the WMU Admissions Board. The Registry will notify all applicants of the Admissions Board’s decisions as soon as possible. 

Only the top applicants each year will be approved and offered a place (pending financing) at WMU. Enrolment can be finalized once an applicant has been cleared by the Admissions Board and has secured financing. The University will send each accepted candidate a medical report form that must be returned to the University along with a formal declaration that the candidate accepts the conditions of his/her enrolment.

Certified copies of transcripts and certificates (including the results of an acceptable test of English language) supporting the qualifications listed on the form must be submitted. Applications cannot be finalized unless all forms are complete and all supporting documentation supplied. Applications for admission should not be submitted through UNDP or IMO as they are not involved in the application/admission process.

Application for Admission

Applications for admission to the MSc in Maritime Affairs should be submitted online via the self service portal:

Apply Online

Note 1: Please create only ONE account and submit only ONE application.

Note 2: All supporting documentation should be completed prior to filling out the online form so files can be directly uploaded within the application.

Note 3: All applicants are advised to complete and attach the WMU Admissions Supporting Statement with their application. Your statement may have a significant bearing on the success of your application for admission to your preferred specialization.

Application for Financial Support Form

Students who cannot secure funding through their home countries can be considered for one of the many fellowships made available each year by a number of international donors. Applicants must be put forward by their employer who is responsible for completing the Application for Financial Support form. Read this information before filling out the Financial Support Form. The Financial Support Form must be emailed to

Application for the English and Study Skills Programme (ESSP) Only

WMU offers a specialist Maritime English and Study Skills Programme (ESSP). The ESSP is designed to enhance English language competencies and provide the skills necessary to follow a postgraduate programme successfully, whether at WMU or another institution. More than a quarter of the ESSP students are external students who come to Malmö for this unique programme that prepares them for both study and professional life in the maritime field. For more information about the programme, please visit To apply to follow the ESSP as a stand-alone programme of study, please apply online.

Application for the accelerated programme

If an applicant requests advanced standing to enter the accelerated MSc programme, transcripts will be carefully assessed to ensure essential criteria are met. Applicants to the accelerated programme who are not accepted will be automatically considered for the 14-month standard programme.

All liaison with donors is through WMU who forwards files of eligible applicants to the donors. Donors request that applicants do not contact them directly. Donors establish the criteria used when considering applicants. Awards are generally restricted to those under age 40 and priority may be given to female applicants.


Please make sure that you fill the boxes on the forms but do not add text beyond the visible box, and do not change the pdf settings to use scrollable text. If you exceed the size of the text box, the donors' Awards Committees will not see the text outside the limits of the boxes.

In the event that you are unable to apply online, please contact the Admission office at