Fees and costs are revised annually. The University fee for entrants to the Class of 2020, 14-month programme is $27,300. This covers tuition and the required insurance ($23,000) and the field-study programme ($4,300). An additional estimate of $26,900 is needed for living costs.
Paying the full fellowship fee of $57,700 includes accommodation provided by WMU, a monthly living allowance, and an airline ticket home at the end of the programme.
For students enrolling in the English & Study Skills Programme, an additional tuition fee of $5,600 is assessed. ESSP students require an additional $4,700 for living expenses. For students joining the accelerated programme in 2020, the University fee is $24,300, and the full fellowship fee is $48,800.
Since WMU is a UN institution and not part of the national Swedish education system, WMU students cannot claim study support from the Swedish government or any other EU state.

Financial Support from Companies and Governments

More than half of WMU students are funded directly by their own companies, governments or national funding agencies.
Sponsors can choose whether to pay the inclusive full fellowship fee, or to pay tuition to the University and then make payments directly to the student to cover living expenses.
Payment must be received by WMU before confirmation of enrollment can be made.  

Payments to the University

Payments to the University should be sent to:
Account Name: The World Maritime University
Account Number: 3968‑77‑02567
IBAN Number: SE66 3000 0000 0396 8770 2567
Bank Name: Nordea
Bank Address: PO Box 24, S‑201 24 Malmö, Sweden

Details of the transfer of funds should be sent to the Registry via email at MSc@wmu.se
Payment must be made by the following dates:
  • 1 April for students attending the English & Study Skills Programme in June
  • 1 July for students joining the standard 14-month Programme in September
Students joining the accelerated programme must make their payment by 1 November before the January in which they enrol.