Shanghai is the economic and financial capital of China and an international metropolis with about 200,000 foreign residents. With the world’s largest seaport, the city of Shanghai is also a global maritime center. Virtually all global shipping companies and institutions have branches or offices in Shanghai. The city also encompasses the largest concentration of the Chinese maritime industry from shipping companies to shipping services and from shipbuilding to port equipment manufacturing.

Shanghai Maritime University (SMU) is the center for WMU studies in Shanghai. With over 18,000 full time students, SMU offers a wide range of subjects on maritime transport at undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD levels.

Within the campus of SMU, accommodation facilities may be available on request for overseas students. These are standard rooms and each room is equipped with 2 single beds, 2 tables, 2 chairs, a TV set, an air-conditioner, 2 bookcases, 2 closets, a bathroom, internet access, telephone, and a balcony. The rooms are charged at a very affordable rate with either one or two persons per room. Students can connect their own computer to the internet via the rooms’ access points. Chinese and international style breakfast, lunch and dinner can be easily obtained at one of the student restaurants/cafeteria on Campus or nearby restaurants. Cooking in the room is not allowed, but there is a simple kitchen on each floor that students can share and a washing machine is provided on each floor.