Project description

A Worldwide Review of Maritime Spill Incidents Intervention Policies and Approaches (MSIIPA) research project will examine critical time frames and desired interventions to prevent a full response effort as well as plans and protocols.  

The project will entail both an operational review of recent Canadian “near spill” incidents and the strategies/policies of a number of developed nations (i.e. UK, Sweden, Germany, and USA) respecting near spill incidence prevention, examining the causal failures that created near spill accidents and potentially costly pollution events.

A report on this subject will provide an inventory of options for Transport Canada to consider in establishing strategies to serve effectively in a multi-jurisdictional legal, regulatory, and policy environment.

Principal Investigator

Project Officer

Tafsir Matin Johansson

Tafsir Matin Johansson joined the WMU as a research intern working with the WMU Maritime Environmental Research Group (MER) in its work on various projects such as Invasive Species and NSBWO, as well as the preparatory works for the Arctic Shipping Conference i.e. 'Shiparc2014'. He simultaneously worked as a research assistant for the 'CSR Maritime' project that pertains to Corporate Social Responsibility and Maritime Governance. During his internship he also lectured at the MLP course.

Neil Bellefontaine

Professor Neil Bellefontaine has been Vice President (Academics) at WMU since April 2011. He previously held the Canadian Chair in Marine Environmental Protection from October 2006 to April 2013. He was formerly a senior executive with the Canadian Fisheries and Oceans Department with broad professional experience in maritime administration, fisheries and marine aquaculture and coastal and oceans management.

Project Duration

April, 2014 to December, 2015