As one of the most developed municipalities and major hubs of China, Dalian offers countless opportunities and attractions to guests from around the world. Every year, a great number of domestic and international tourists draw their attention either to the Tiger Beach for its pole aquarium or to the peaceful Binhai Road for an inspiring view of the Yellow Sea. The famous Xinghai Square, near DMU, provides a glimpse of the charming city and its unique night culture. Dalian encompasses Chinese traditional heritage and culture with a modern urban lifestyle.  As one of the biggest maritime centers, the port of Dalian handles over 300 million tons of cargo and about 10 million TEU containers. 

Dalian Maritime University (DMU) is the center for WMU studies in Dalian. With more than 20,000 active students, many of them internationally recruited, and over 1,300 faculty members, the DMU campus covers 0.9 square kilometers and includes the library, laboratories, computing center, audio-visual teaching center, and navigation training and research center.

There is a dedicated classroom for the WMU programme that is well-equipped with multi-media functions and access to a computer room with 38 broadband internet-enabled PCs that are dedicated for the programme. Dormitory facilities are available for overseas students. DMU’s dedicated office provides to the overseas students with all necessary assistance and services.