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Raza Ali Mehdi

Technical Officer
BEng. (Hons.) in Aerospace Engineering, University of Bath, UK
MSc. in Engineering Dynamics and Control, University of Bath, UK


Originally from Karachi, Pakistan, Raza moved to Abu Dhabi, UAE at a very young age. After finishing high school, he relocated to Bath, UK to pursue a degree in engineering. 

Raza has a background in Aerospace Engineering. He holds a BEng. (Hons.) in Aerospace Engineering and a MSc. in Engineering Dynamics and Control, both from the University of Bath, UK.

He joined the WMU in September 2013, as a research assistant in the MaRiSa group. His current research area is Maritime Risk and System Safety. This research is based around analysing risk, and improving system safety, for vessels operating near wind farms, particularly those operating near the southern coast of Sweden and in the Öresund region.

Previously, he has carried out research related to aerospace structures and materials, looking at topics such as ‘Buckling & Damage Tolerance of Pristine Aerospace Laminates’ and ‘Manufacture & Characterisation of Magnetically Actuated Bistable Plates’.

He is fluent in English and Urdu