Mary Wisz

Mary S. Wisz (Ph.D. 2005 University of Cambridge, UK), Associate Professor, Marine Science. Dr. Wisz’ research aims to understand and predict how marine ecosystems respond to changes in climate and human activities. She uses dynamic spatial modelling tools that integrate information coming from many branches of the environmental sciences (e.g. oceanographics, biodiversity, ecosystem monitoring, fisheries, genetics), along with socioeconomics, to inform the ecological and economic consequences of management decisions.

Tiago Fonseca

Dr. Tiago Fonseca joined WMU as a Technical Officer for researching the implications of technological development on jobs and employment for maritime and transportation sectors.

WMU Joins Baltic Sea Region LNG Competence Centre at Go LNG Conference

Dr. Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry, WMU President, delivered an address at the Go LNG – Building LNG Competence and Business Partnership for the Baltic Sea Region that was held on 26 April in Vilnius, Lithuania. The main goal of the Conference was to establish two international cooperation platforms – the Baltic Sea Region LNG Cluster and the LNG Competence Centre of the Baltic Sea Region (BSR). 

Sixth Annual KR-CON Donation

On 18 April, President Doumbia-Henry welcomed Mr. CHA, Moo-Jae, General Manager of the Copenhagen Branch Office of the Korean Register of Shipping (KR), who presented the sixth consecutive donation of the KR-CON system to WMU faculty and students. The web version was provided to students and staff in February and the most recent USB version that was released on 1 April 2017, Version 15, was distributed after Mr. CHA’s presentation of the KR-CON system. The monetary value of the gift is substantial.

ITL Class of 2018 Inauguration - Shanghai

On 20 March, the inauguration of WMU’s MSc in International Transport and Logistics (ITL) Class of 2018 took place at Shanghai Maritime University's (SMU) Dongming Campus in Shanghai, China. The 26 new students comprise the 13th ITL class. Professor Shuo Ma, WMU Vice President (International) and Professor Xin Shi, SMU Vice President, delivered welcome messages and it was announced that two new sponsorships for this class have been received from two Shanghai-based companies.