WMU Adjunct Professor
Ph.D. Marine Simulation Quantification, Nottingham Trent/Solent Southampton University
master mariner, nautical science, maritime education and training, maritime simulation

WMU Adjunct Professor
United States
Ph.D. Maritime Studies Cardiff University
marine transportation, naval architecture

WMU Adjunct Professor
PhD, Wales
Law of Marine Insurance and Maritime Law

WMU Adjunct Professor
M.Ed. Masters Degree in Education, Loyola University of Chicago
search and rescue, marine navigation, Artic marine transportation

WMU Adjunct Professor
M.Sc. New York State Maritime College
intermodal studies, logistics management

WMU Adjunct Professor, Professor of Maritime Law, Southampton Law School, University of Southampton
South Africa
Ph.D. University of Southampton
maritime law

WMU Adjunct Professor
Diploma in Maritime Law, University of Yangon
maritime education and training, quality management systems, information communication technology