Bao Junzhong

Associated Professor, Dalian Maritime University
Ph.D. Engineering of Traffic Information and Control, Dalian Maritime University


Navigation subcommittee under China’s Maritime Research Committee
Member of China’s Delegation to IMO’s STW Subcommittee since 2008


Dr. Bao Junzhong is an expert in Maritime Education and Training. He studied at World Maritime University in Malmö from 2003 to 2004 and started as a teacher at DMU in 1990 lecturing for both undergraduate and post graduate courses. He is an ex-seafarer with five-years of seagoing services onboard of general cargo ships, container ships and bulk carriers.

Dr. Bao has been involved in International Maritime Convention research work for 7 years and specialized in seafarer related conventions, especially with STCW and Maritime Labor Convention, 2006 (MLC, 2006). He is also deeply involved in drafting national regulations regarding to implementation of seafarer-related conventions. He is a coordinator for several Convention implementation related projects launched by Ministry of Transport of China. With all these studies, he has gained deep insight into implementation issues. He is a well-published author of academic papers and books in the area of marine navigation and maritime safety administration.