Brad Barr

Affiliate Professor, School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering, University of New Hampshire
United States
Ph.D., Interdisciplinary, University of Alaska
M.S. in Biology, University of Massachusetts, Boston
B.S. in Biology, University of Maine, Orono


Dr. Barr has served in various senior government agency and academic positions, focusing on marine protected areas, and more generally, ocean research, governance, policy and management of natural and cultural/heritage resources.  His Ph.D. research at the University of Alaska investigated the application of the concept of "wilderness" to ocean and coastal waters, globally and specifically along the coasts of North America, with a special emphasis on the Arctic.  

He is currently involved in interdisciplinary research on a number of topics including understanding and identifying the global landscape of whaling heritage, maritime archaeological research related to whaling heritage in the Western Arctic, contemporary spatial management of marine mammals, and continuing application of his research on ocean wilderness.

In addition to his faculty affiliation with the University of New Hampshire, he is also a Visiting Professor at the Marine and Coastal Management Masters' Program at University Center of the Westfjords in Isafjordur, Iceland, teaching courses in conservation and management of marine protected areas and underwater cultural heritage resources.