David Vousden

Professor of Ocean Governance, Rhodes University Regional Project Director, UNDP/GEF ASCLME Project
South Africa
Ph.D. in Marine Zoology, Bangor University
B.Sc. in Marine Zoology, University of Wales, Bangor


David Vousden is Honorary Professor of Ocean Governance at Rhodes University, Republic of South Africa. For the past two decades he has worked closely alongside and within the United Nations system on all matters pertaining to oceans, seas and biodiversity as well as climate change and its impacts.

He has had a career spanning 32 years that has evolved through the development of state-of-the-art field monitoring and analysis, into broader yet cutting-edge management techniques and thence to innovative adaptive management and governance mechanisms for global oceans and coasts. During this period he has provided expert advice and evaluation to marine ecosystem management and ocean governance initiatives in the north and south Pacific; the Indian Ocean; the Sea of Okhotsk; the Bering Strait; the Bay of Bengal; the Arabian Gulf; the western Indian Ocean; the southern Atlantic; the Caspian, Black and Red seas and the Caribbean.

He is currently focusing on mechanisms that could resolve the ‘disconnect’ between governance and management within political jurisdictions, areas beyond national jurisdiction and the high seas within the overall concept of an ecosystem-based management approach.