Erin Williams
United States
Masters of Arts in Education with a specialization in Educational Technology, San Diego State University
B.S. in Marine and Environmental Science, U.S. Coast Guard Academy
Areas of Expertise

Lieutenant Commander Erin Williams is currently a lecturer at the World Maritime University, assigned on behalf of the U. S. Coast Guard. 

She previously served as Executive Officer of Marine Safety Unit Valdez, Alaska.  In this capacity, she filled numerous regulatory leadership roles, such as the Alternate Captain of the Port, Acting Federal On-Scene Coordinator, Acting Federal Maritime Security Coordinator, and Acting Officer in Charge of Marine Inspection.  Such responsibilities directly involved her with oversight and enforcement of commercial vessel and facility safety and security, vessel traffic management and pollution prevention activities throughout Prince William Sound Alaska.  

In 2005, she reported to U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters where she specialized in training management, analysis, and evaluation of all Coast Guard marine safety training, performance and education.  Her efforts enhanced the quality of training across of experience levels, providing practical interventions to improve the performance of Coast Guard personnel involved with marine safety operations.  Additionally, Lieutenant Commander Williams was assigned to Marine Safety Office San Diego where she held multiple positions including Assistant Chief of Vessel Inspections, Chief of Waterways Management, and Chief of Contingency Preparedness.  Prior to this assignment, Lieutenant Commander Williams served as the Assistant Engineer Officer aboard U.S. Coast Guard Cutter HAMILTON (WHEC-715), where she qualified as both Engineering Officer of the Watch and Deck Watch Officer, gaining knowledge and experience with shipboard handling, navigation, main propulsion and auxiliary engineering systems.

Lieutenant Commander Williams is a 1998 graduate of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut, earning a Bachelor of Science in Marine and Environmental Science.  She has also earned a Masters of Arts in Education with a specialization in Educational Technology from San Diego State University in California.