Jean-Pierre Clostermann

Capitaine illimité, Professeur de l’Enseignement Maritime


Former seafarer, Master Mariner, Jean-Pierre Clostermann  has been teaching in the French Merchant Marine Academy in Le Havre since 2000. He introduced the Human Factors course in the French Merchant Marine studies, derived from the commercial aviation Cockpit Resource Management, to which he recently added the reliability tools in use in French nuclear plants.

He wrote a book (in French): “On the bridge of the merchant ship : human factors in a hazardous activity” used for maritime education.

Working on a Ph.D. in ergonomics, he works with the “Laboratoire d’Ergonomie et de Sécurité des Activités Maritimes” in Lorient.

He currently develops human factors trainings for hospitals, building trade and public works, road tunnel supervision.