Area of Interest / Keywords: 

Kenth R. Lumsden

MBA Lund University 1976
Ph.D. Manufacturing Technology (1975) Lund University
MSc Social Science and Politics (1974) Lund University
MSc Mechanical Engineering (1968) Lund University


Master’s Certificate of Competence in Navigation


Kenth R. Lumsden has a full time professor in Transportation and Logistics at Chalmers University of Technology. Before this position he has hold professorships at different Swedish universities. During this decade he worked within some Swedish companies like Ericsson. He also holds a Master’s Certificate of Competence in Navigation and has been working as a mate on board Swedish vessels for about 5-6 years in total. He has worked as an EU Expert/Evaluator for DGVII for some Framework Programmes. Lumsden has taken part in development and been responsible for start-up of a number of Swedish academic programmes related to transport economics, transport technology and logistics. He has written textbooks on logistics and been principal/co-author of more than 50 conference, journal and research papers. He has also been involved in the development of information system in relation to logistic firms. A number of research projects like “E-commerce a logistical consequences”, “Intelligent freight”, “Dry ports” and “REMARCC I and II” have been initiated and performed under the responsibility and supervision of Professor Lumsden. The Swedish government, EU and a number of Swedish companies have granted these and other ongoing projects.