Laureen Kinney
Assistant Deputy Minister
Bachelor of Science

Laureen Kinney is currently the Assistant Deputy Minister (ADM) for Safety and Security at Transport Canada, following a three year period as Associate Assistant Deputy Minister. Laureen is responsible for Transport Canada’s safety and security programs in transportation across the country, including aviation, marine, rail, road and multi-modal transport. Notable projects include leadership of multiple Beyond the Border security initiatives and transportation elements under the Regulatory Cooperation Council. In general, Laureen directs the development of Canadian regulations and standards in these areas, as well as the development of national standards on oversight programs. This includes risk assessment systems, quality assurance programs and design of safety management systems as well as the provision of direction on inspections, enforcement and training programs.

Previously, Laureen filled a variety of roles at Transport Canada as the Director General of Aviation Security, Director General of Marine Security and Executive Director of a multi-agency Rail and Transit Security Task Force in 2005. Before moving into the security world, Ms. Kinney had a lengthy and diverse career working in most regions of Canada in the science and fisheries management sectors of Fisheries and Oceans Canada and multiple roles in the Canadian Coast Guard. Ms. Kinney graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University of British Columbia.