Mahin Faghfouri

Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Ph.D., maritime law, University of Wales


Ph.D., maritime law, University of Wales (UWIST): Topic: Law of Freight
LL.M., (Masters' degree) maritime law, London University (UCL)
LL.B., Tehran University (Hons.)


Work experience:

I. UNCTAD: 1984 to 2005

Chief of Maritime Legislation / Legal Section in UNCTAD: working on commercial maritime law issues and responsible for the work on maritime and multimodal transport law including, marine insurance, bills of lading, charter parties, general average, multimodal transport, maritime liens and mortgages and arrest of ships. The work involved preparation of analytical documents and policy papers as well as servicing Intergovernmental meetings of UNCTAD.

On the subject of maritime liens and mortgages and arrest of ships the work lead to the preparation and adoption of the International Convention on Maritime Liens and Mortgages 1993 and the International Convention on Arrest of Ships 1999 by a joint UN/IMO Diplomatic Conference.

On other issues the work resulted in the preparation of non-mandatory rules and instruments such as The UNCTAD Minimum Standards for Shipping Agents 1988.

II. International Multimodal Transport Association (IMMTA): 2006 to 2014:


III. 2013 - present: International Ocean Institute (IOI):

Vice-president and member of the Governing Board

Other areas of activity include writing articles and papers on issues of maritime and multimodal transport law and lecturing in various international / national conferences and seminars as well as universities, including the IMO International Maritime Law Institute (IMLI) (Malta) and World Maritime University (WMU) as well as Geneva University.