Associated Professor, Dalian Maritime University
Ph.D. Engineering of Traffic Information and Control, Dalian Maritime University

Affiliate Professor, School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering, University of New Hampshire
United States
Ph.D., Interdisciplinary, University of Alaska
ocean conservation and management, marine protected areas, maritime history and place-based heritage preservation

Visiting Professor,
Managing Director / Founder of Interlink International Trading (UK) Ltd
maritime trading and shipping, arbitration

maritime logistics, industrial organization, cost-benefit analysis, transport and port economics, industrial economics, liner shipping and maritime market

Associate Professor to the Marine Affairs Program at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
maritime affairs, continental shelf

Capitaine illimité, Professeur de l’Enseignement Maritime

WMU Adjunct Professor
Ph.D. Marine Simulation Quantification, Nottingham Trent/Solent Southampton University
master mariner, nautical science, maritime education and training, maritime simulation

WMU Adjunct Professor
United States
Ph.D. Maritime Studies Cardiff University
marine transportation, naval architecture

Adjunct Professor
Ph.D. Coastal and Ocean Governance, Cardiff University
integrated coastal and ocean management, ocean governance, maritime spatial planning, marine environmental protection, training and capacity building

Ph.D. University of Southampton
naval architecture, ship design, yacht design, high speed marine vehicles

Assistant Professor, Division of Maritime Transportation Science, Korea Maritime University
Republic of Korea Environmental & Natural Resource Economics, University of Rhode Island

Professor Emeritus (WMU), Professor (MET) (ret.)
Ph.D. Curtin University, (Perth Australia) 2003
maritime education, maritime simulator systems

Professor of Ocean Governance, Rhodes University Regional Project Director, UNDP/GEF ASCLME Project
South Africa
Ph.D. in Marine Zoology, Bangor University