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Meifa Qian

Associate Professor of SMU


Prof. Qian Meifa, associate professor of SMU. He has been appointed as the Chief of Financial Department and Teacher of Accounting since 1998. He has Master in Economics/Accounting from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. Prof. Qian previously worked as teacher of Accounting of SMU, Manager of Financial Department of Associated Maritime Shipping Company, Hong Kong, Manager of Financial Department of Hong Kong Ming Wah Shipping Company, Hong Kong. He has rich experience in accounting and finance of transportation enterprises. He is also an active researcher, participated in the key project of The Application of Leverage for Finance, Tax and Loan In Shipping Enterprises for Ministry of Communications of China. He publishes various articles on finance and accounting, such as A study on Policies of Investing and Financing for Maritime Education in China, Accounting for Transport Enterprises, Accounting for Bankruptcy Liquidation and Reorganization.