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Erik Nordström

Rector (1985-1989)


Erik Nordström was born in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1930. In 1956 he graduated from Uppsala University with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB).

Prior to his Position as Rector of World Maritime University, Erik Nordström was Deputy General Manager of the Swedish Shipowners’ Association in Gothenburg. His main responsibilities were foreign shipping policy. He was also adviser on shipping policy and legal matters to numerous Swedish Government delegations to UNCTAD, OECD, Law of the Sea Conference and adviser on an informal basis to SIDA on shipping and ports.

Mr Nordström has also contributed to the international maritime community with various lectures and articles on shipping in English and in Swedish.

After serving for four years as Rector of WMU, Mr Nordström was appointed Managing Director of the Swedish Shipowners’ Association. During his rectorship academic standards and the reputation of WMU were steadily enhanced.