Dr. Derek Lambert

South Africa
Dissertation Title: Improving learning outcomes within a developing maritime nation lacking practical resources through the introduction of classroom technology. A case study at a South African University of Technology.

What attracted you to WMU and/or why did you choose WMU? As a maritime lecturer by profession, I chose to study at WMU as the qualification is highly respected within the maritime industry. The chance to interact with people from other nations was also attractive, and what has been learned from my time at WMU can be taken back to my home country to strengthen maritime education there.

Why did you select the research topic you worked on? My choice of research topic was formed out of a need to make a positive impact in my field, which was to develop and research systems within a changing MET environment in South Africa. I found the topic to be highly interesting, with enough data at my disposal to ensure that I could adequately address the research questions.

What is the highlight of studying at WMU? The highlights of my time at WMU include the progression seminars and ultimately the defense of my work. I truly appreciate the interaction and expert guidance I had from my supervisor, Professor Froholdt, which prepared me well for presenting and defending my research. Additionally, I really enjoyed Sweden and the people, and I will look back on my time at WMU with very fond memories.

What are your plans after graduation? I plan to continue writing in the field of my study, and to further contribute towards developing maritime education in my home country. I hope to travel, and possibly do exchange programs in the near future with other universities. I will also work towards aiding students and fellow staff members at my institution in furthering their own MET qualifications as much as possible.