Dr. Lawrence Kuroshi

Dissertation Title: Design and evaluation of Ballast Water Management Systems using Modified and Hybridized Axiomatic Design Principles

What attracted you to WMU and/or why did you choose WMU? In my quest for a world-class maritime education, WMU readily came to mind. This is because of the University's reputation as the leading global maritime institution for academic excellence, specially for postgraduate studies. I had previously obtained a Master’s degree from WMU. The rich maritime research setting I met and enjoyed at that time made the University a logical choice for a doctoral degree.

Why did you select the research topic you worked on? I started researching on ship Ballast Water related issues from research carried out within my two earlier Master’s degrees. Both had left me with a number of unresolved questions craving for potential solutions of contemporary maritime significance. These questions together spurred the  the research topic for my doctoral work, which was mainly aimed to resolve all or at least some of these critical research questions.

What is the highlight of studying at WMU? WMU is a melting-pot for the finest global maritime minds readily volunteering the benefit of their wealth of maritime experience and best practices in an academic setting. My interactions with such minds at WMU has in no small measure enriched and expanded my research skills and capabilities. The opportunity of interacting with global maritime thought leaders, researchers and students; access to leading research journals from all over the world offered through the library services; opportunity to participate in maritime workshops and researches of global significance, were some of the highlights of my study period at WMU.

What are your plans after graduation? I intend after graduation to apply this specialised world-class and state-of-the-art training in the area of research, publication of associated research findings, maritime advocacy, and development of the global maritime industry beginning with my home country. I will definitely not pass up any good opportunity to make a difference in research and international service, especially within the UN system.