Dr. Safaa Abdul Hussein Jaiyz Alfayyadh

Dissertation Title: Development of the Framework for a Lean, Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Port: Umm Qasr Port as a Case Study

What attracted you to WMU and/or why did you choose WMU? Once I decided my major field of study, there were a specific number of universities worldwide that I could choose to carry on my PhD studies but I decided to apply here at WMU. The main reason was the interesting topics and specialized faculty to help me master the details and skills of my chosen field.

Why did you select the research topic you worked on? The research focus is to examine rigorously how the implementation of Lean within the Umm Qasr Port improves the operation processes and to explore the Lean impact on environment improvement and energy efficiency management. A visual representation is created of how the current value stream map for different port processes has been established on the identification and elimination of non-value-added activity or “waste” involved in delivering services in Umm Qasr port for customers. This research is the first attempt to develop a Lean port model for improving port processes, as there have been no previous studies aimed at providing a holistic framework for improving port performance, which can be used by other ports.

What is the highlight of studying at WMU? Among several benefits that I obtained by studying at WMU, I always reflect on the fact that our life at WMU highlights that we live in dynamic changing times and what binds us together is the fact that we understand we cannot get to where we need to be, remaining where we've been and this is why we have chosen to study at this unique university. By studying at WMU, we got to understand that the world is going through paradigm global times of change.

What are your plans after graduation? Having a commitment of impacting my generation has always been the guide of my career plan. This commitment, among other reasons, is responsible for my choice of course of study. As Port Director, my research work enabled me to formulate a future plan to work in port sector. However, my plan is to take part in further researches and lecturing.