ICT for Maritime Education and Training

Short Description/Aims

Information Communication Technologies (ICT) play an increasingly important role for Maritime Education and Training (MET) institutes and the maritime industry. This course provides participants with the knowledge and skills to develop ICT to support MET activities in their own home organization. The course is based on the following cornerstones: a problem and project-oriented pedagogical approach, where learning takes place in interaction with a concrete professional issue; new types of ICT platforms that allow for rapid application development by the participants themselves, without requiring any programming skills; and a light-weight development approach that provides enough guidance for the course participants without getting in the way of an ambition to achieve visible results.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, the learner will be able to:

  • Develop an understanding of ICT appropriate to support the MET work area
  • Develop an understanding of how to work with issues of implementation and design of ICT in a professional organisational setting.
  • Review and understand the application of the latest technological developments in education and training processes and examine future trends teaching and assessment methods,
  • Consider the development of information communication technology such as institutional websites and e-learning systems, and their application to and impact on MET.

Course Outline

The course is based on a project and problem-oriented pedagogical approach.

  • The students are given a practical and theoretical introduction to ICT platforms and software development methodologies.
  • The three following days, the students work with the development of software support for a concrete professional issue with guidance by the course instructors.
  • Each morning a structured reflection and review session is conducted.

Teaching & Learning Methods

  • introductory and theoretical lecture
  • project-oriented

Who should attend

Target audience is personnel who are involved with the implementation and design of ICT in a professional organisational setting.

Course length

5 days

EC Credit

2.5 EC

Mode of Delivery



Johan Bolmsten

Use Oriented Design and Development, Evolvable Software Products, End User Development

Dr. Johan Bolmsten is an Academic Information Manager and Lecturer of Maritime Education and Training (MET) at the World Maritime University (Sweden). He holds a Masters in Science in Information Systems from the Blekinge Institute of Technology and a Ph.D in Participatory Design and socio-technical infrastructure development from the IT-University of Copenhagen.