Executive Professional Development Courses (EPDCs) in a variety of subjects may be offered by WMU in Malmö as well as locations around the world. Providing mid-career updating and knowledge sharing for maritime professionals, EPDCs range in length from a few days to several weeks. The blend of academic expertise and hands-on practical experience can be immediately applied in the workplace. All courses are led by WMU faculty members and highly qualified consultants.

EPDCs are can be tailor made to meet the educational requirements of a particular organization and a close relationship is established between the client and WMU’s executive education staff from the initial course design. Joint efforts are made to ensure that problems encountered by the organization are thoroughly analyzed and the key issues clearly identified. This allows for the teaching and learning objectives to be well formulated, corresponding programme curricula drafted, and the most suitable instructors selected.

For more information contact PDC@wmu.se