International Trade & Transport

Short Description/Aims

Aims to provide a broad understanding of international trade and transport from the commercial and managerial perspective. The course provides an insight into the interrelationship between the contractual terms used in an international trade transaction (INCOTERMS), the payment terms (UCP 600) and transport documents in connection with that transaction as well as the international regulations relating to the carriage of goods by sea (Hague, Hague-Visby, Hamburg, Rotterdam Rules) as well as by multimodal transport. Managerial staff will gain an understanding of the commercial aspects of international trade and transport, the relationship between trade, financing and transport documents, international private law conventions, national legislation, and standard terms and agreements.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will understand:

  • The interrelationship between trade, financing, and transport
  • Standard terms of sale and methods of payment in international sale of goods
  • International conventions relating to carriage of goods
  • The role of national legislation and standard terms and agreements relating to carriage of goods
  • Insurance and insurability of transport and goods

Course Outline

  • The international trade transaction (INCOTERMS® 2010, UCP 600);
  • Carriage of goods by sea – Charterparties, Bills of Lading and Seawaybills
  • International conventions (Hague, Hague.-Visby, Hamburg, Rotterdam Rules)
  • Other modes of transport and multimodal transport
  • Marine insurance – principles, scope of cover
  • Categories/classes of marine insurance (Hull, P&I, Cargo, others)
  • Limitation of liability regimes

Teaching & Learning Methods

  • Lectures
  • Case studies
  • Group work

Who should attend

Managerial staff involved in international sales of goods, payment, insurance and transport management, freight forwarders, agents, brokers and commodity traders

Course length

3 days

EC Credit

1.5 EC

Mode of Delivery