Training Course for Assessment, Examination and Certification of Seafarers (Administrators, Trainers and Assessors)

Short Description/Aims

This is a 5-day course designed to give participants the knowledge and skills for the assessment, examination and certification of masters, officers and ratings on board the world’s merchant fleet.

Course Outline

This course aims to provide knowledge and skills for trainees to administer, supervise and monitor training and assessment of seafarer competence. It is based on the requirements ofSTCW Regulation I/6 and STCW Code A-I/6 – Training and assessmentand with a consideration of the contents ofIMO Model Course 3.12 – Assessment, examination and certification of seafarers.

Teaching & Learning Methods

Participants, upon successful completion of the course, should be able to:

  • Apply the international provisions concerning the training, assessment, examination and certification of masters, officers and ratings of merchant ships
  • Interrogate the provisions of the STCW Convention and Code with a view to optimally implementing these provisions in the national context
  • Analyse national assessment, examination and certification needs
  • Determine appropriate assessment procedures and methods
  • Organize, administer and conduct assessments/examination
  • Issue and control certificates

Who should attend

Participants are expected to become appropriately qualified assessors per the requirements of STCW Convention Regulation I/6 and Code Section A-I/6. They normally will hold at least a Certificate of Competency at the level of the certificate to be assessed. In the case of the assessing of Master or Chief Engineer, this should include service by the participant at sea in that rank. Ideally participants will have completed a course along the lines of IMO Model Course 6.09 on Training Instructors.

Delivery dates

13 Jan 2015

Course length

5 days

EC Credit

2.5 EC

Mode of Delivery



Michael Ekow Manuel

Dr. Michael Ekow MANUEL was until May 2013 the Dean of Faculty of Maritime Studies at the Regional Maritime University in Ghana.  Previous to that, he was Head of Research and Consultancy at the same Institution.  He is a Master Mariner and worked on ships for eleven years culminating in an appointment as Master (Ship Captain).

He holds degrees in Maritime Affairs (MSc.) and Maritime Administration (PhD) from the World Maritime University with ITF and Sheldon Kinney Fellowships respectively.