Training Course for Simulator Training and Assessment

Short Description/Aims

This is a 5-day course designed to give participants the knowledge and skills for the optimization of teaching and learning using simulators in the MET environment. It further develops participants’ knowledge and skills in regards to assessment of learning achieved through the use of simulators.

Learning Outcomes

This course aims to provide knowledge and skills for trainees to administer, supervise and assess training and learning facilitated by simulators for the achievement of the competencies set out in the STCW Convention as amended with particular reference to STCW Regulation I/6, STCW Code A-I/6 on “training and assessment” as well as STCW Regulation I/12, STCW Code A-I/12 on “use of simulators”.  The course contents are premised on a consideration of the contents ofIMO Model Course 6.10 – Train the simulator trainer and assessor.

Participants, after the training sessions, should be able to:

  • Appreciate the range of simulators available for MET
  • Have developed specific simulator instructor and assessor knowledge and skills with respect to the psychology of learning, instructor-trainee interaction, fidelity and transferability of training
  • Identify training needs of different levels of simulator trainees
  • Plan, organize and deliver training via simulators
  • Communicate effectively in the delivery of simulator-based training
  • Appreciate the potential limitations of simulator-based training
  • Assess learning outcomes

Course Outline

  • Overview of the development of the STCW Convention
  • The structure and requirements of the STCW Convention and Code
  • Communication and learning domains and models
  • Relevance and scope of simulator training for MET competence training
  • Types, classification and design of simulators
  • The role of the simulator instructor/assessor
  • Determination of programme/subject matter for simulator training
  • Planning the simulator learning process
  • Creation and conduct of simulator exercises
  • Assessment of simulator-based learning

Who should attend

Participants are expected to become appropriately qualified trainers and assessors per the requirements of STCW Convention Regulation I/6 and Code Section A-I/6 with respect to the use of simulators. They normally will hold at least a Certificate of Competency at the level of the certificate to be trained in and/or assessed. In the case of the assessing of Master or Chief Engineer, this should include service by the participant at sea in that rank. Ideally participants will have completed a course covering the content of IMO Model Courses 6.09 and 3.12 on Training Instructors and Assessment of Seafarers respectively. Optimally participants will have previous teaching experience.

Delivery dates

12 Jan 2015

Course length

5 days

EC Credit

2.5 EC

Mode of Delivery



Dimitrios Dalaklis

Dr. Dimitrios Dalaklis joined WMU in the summer of 2014, upon completion of a twenty-six years distinguished career with the Hellenic Navy (HN). His expertise revolves around the extended Maritime Education and Training (MET) domain and especially the conduct of navigation (regulatory framework, techniques-associated best practices and related equipment), as well as maritime safety & security issues. Upon graduation from the Hellenic Naval Academy (HNA), he followed the normal career path of a naval officer by serving on-board various large warships of the Hellenic Fleet.