Mental Health and Well-being


Summer Academy - Mental Health and Well-being

Summer Academy - Mental Health and Well-being




24 - 28 July 2023
Malmö, Sweden


In 2023, the WMU Summer Academy is launching its initial course with a focus on mental health and well-being in the maritime industry, offering a forum for education and discussion on the importance of balanced mental health and its impact on individual well-being, the performance of organizations and maritime safety from a wider perspective. The course aims to increase awareness of positive mental health and its impact on individuals’ well-being and the performance of organizations with a focus on the maritime industry.  

The course will help you to:

  1. Develop individual resilience and add to your understanding of helping and supporting employees with mental health struggles
  2. Develop strategies and apply techniques and methods for raising awareness of balanced well-being at maritime organizations

At the end of the training, participants should be able to:

  1. Discuss the importance of awareness of balanced mental health and well-being for the maritime industry
  2. Recognize the role of leaders/managers of maritime organizations in the development of a healthy psychosocial environment both on board ships and for onshore staff;
  3. Identify critical factors in individual and/or or ganizational challenges concerning mental health and well-being;
  4. Apply measures to promote well-being, mental hygiene, and support self-care and self-motivating measures
  5. Develop strategies to improve/promote awareness of mental health issues in maritime organizations, for onboard and onshore staff.

Each learning outcome has significant meaning and current impact within the maritime industry. The content is relevant for current and future policies, safety procedures, and psychological safety for seafarers and shore-based personnel. The teaching/learning activities will include:presentations, case studies, Q&A sessions, group work and short practical sessions aimed at forming healthy habits. Evidenced-based methods used in psychology will be applied.


The World Maritime University (WMU) is a unique academic institution, founded within the framework of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), a specialized agency of the United Nations. The University has a reputation for bringing together stakeholders such as academics, researchers, professionals, and industry to explore cross-cutting topics facing the maritime industry. The WMU Summer Academy provides a unique opportunity for these stakeholders to gather and share knowledge, as well as to collaborate on potential solutions that will directly benefit the maritime industry.


The WMU Summer Academy course on Introduction to Mental Health and Well-being is coordinated by Assistant Professor Inga Bartusevičienė and delivered by a team of WMU faculty, researchers and external experts.

Dr. Inga Bartusevičienė
Assistant Professor in Maritime Education and Training, WMU

Dr. Maria Carrera
Research Associate & Clinical Psychologist, WMU

Mr. Charles Watkins
Clinical Psychologist/Psychotherapist, Managing Director of Mental Health Support Solutions, Germany

Mikael Andersson
Ship Surveyor/ MLC inspector/ Port State Inspector and Master Mariner, Swedish Transport Agency

Ilja Kondratjuks
Principal Surveyor, Isle of Man Ship Registry


On successful completion the participant will:

  • Know how to apply mental health strategies within the industry, in your organization and individually.
  • Have a comprehensive understanding of the impact of positive mental health and wellbeing on seafarers and shore-based personnel.
  • Learn which areas are rapidly changing due to a focus on mental health and psychological safety.
  • Be able to promote mental health awareness and compassionate understanding when leading employees.
  • Have knowledge about the significance and dangers of poor mental health in regard to risks and safety in the maritime industry.


The course is open to individuals interested in gaining a practical understanding of building a culture of care in the maritime industry. This includes industry professionals, such as Human Resources (HR) managers of shipping companies, Health & Safety managers, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) officers, crewing managers, superintendents and Designated Persons Ashore (DPAs) as well as any other individuals directly impacting the work and lives of front-line operators.

Key Facts

Key Facts


Participants will be awarded a Certificate of Accomplishment, and receive an official programme outlining the topics covered. 

Course Structure

Day 1

Morning (09:00 - 12:30)  -  Introduction to the course. Guest speakers: Relevance for maritime industry

Afternoon (13:30 - 17:00)  -  Holistic view, stress and self-care. Calming techniques

Day 2

Morning (09:00 - 12:30)  -  Communication

Afternoon (13:30 - 17:00)  -  Conflict resolution

Day 3

Morning (09:00 - 12:30)  -  Strengthening individual resilience. Self-care: Structure and routine

Afternoon (13:30 - 17:00)   -  Bullying and harassment. Journaling

Day 4

Morning (09:00 - 12:30)  -  Self-compassion

Afternoon (13:30 - 17:00)  -  What do we need to know about suicide

Day 5

Morning (09:00 - 12:30)  -  Groupwork: realworld examples and applicability. Development of strategies to improve awareness of mental health issues in organizations

Afternoon (13:30 - 17:00)  - Presentations of groupwork results by participants. Discussion / Feedback / Certificates




Participants will be selected based on curriculum vitae, academic and professional qualifications and experience, and letter of motivation.

A limit is set at 20 participants due to the nature of the group work that will take place and to ensure that there is an opportunity for interaction among the participants as well as with the instructors.

Please note that the course is delivered in English and participants should be able to follow the delivery of the course in this language.


Course Dates: 24 - 28 July 2023
Application deadline: Closed: We are no longer accepting applications for this programme.


Full  -  $ 2,500
Students/WMU Alumni -  $ 1,250

Fees include:

  • in-class attendance with access to learning material
  • refreshments (morning and afternoon coffee breaks) and lunches provided during the programme delivery

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