The  IMPACT (Integrated Maritime Progressive Assessment and Calibration Tool) project will design a set of realistic maritime scenarios to be performed in maritime simulator/work station clusters. The scenario outcomes will be recorded by a refined data collection system collecting simulator data, expert observation reports, voice and data communication, and time stamped digital photographs and video sequences. The result from each scenario will be presented with a visualization system and build the basis for evaluation and assessment.


The project ADOPTMAN - ADvanced Planning for OPTimised Conduction of Coordinated MANoeuvres in Emergency Situations - belongs to the European 7th framework based MARTEC call for collaborative research projects. It is a three years Swedish-German project under the leadership of World Maritime University, Research Group Maritime Risk Governance. The involved partners are SSPA AB Göteborg and Stena Line Scandinavia AB as well as from Germany Marinesoft GmbH, Hochschule Wismar, Maritime Simulation Centre Warnemünde and the Institute for Ship’s Safety.