Project description

WMU is one of the five partners of a consortium currently working on the EuropeAid Project: "Support to the Maritime Transport Sector in Africa", Development of port database interchange mechanism, marine environment protection and emergency response performance (MARENDA).

The two main project activities of this contract are:

a) the development of a regional port data base interchange mechanism, with the objective to improve quality, structure and exchange of information on vessels movement and position of ships, specification of ships, cargo and crew on board, with a strong focus on the West and Central Africa regions, and

b) the support to marine environment protection and emergency response performance with the objective to establish emergency response mechanisms against the environmental pollution by ships. 

The activities include both technical assistance by assigned experts and training of officials. Technical assistance and Capacity building is provided by nominated experts to priority countries/ports in Western and Central Africa.

Principal Investigator

Olof Lindén

Professor, Nippon Chair in Marine Environmental Management, Dr. Linden also holds a part time professorship in Coastal Management at the University of Kalmar.

Project Officer

Henrik Nilsson

Henrik joined WMU in 2010 and has been involved in a project focusing on transboundary water management. The particular focus has been on the Öresund between Sweden and Denmark where he, together with local and regional stakeholders, develops a Marine Spatial Plan for the Sound that illustrates increasing competing interest for the sea space.

Michael Ekow Manuel

Dr. Michael Ekow MANUEL was until May 2013 the Dean of Faculty of Maritime Studies at the Regional Maritime University in Ghana.  Previous to that, he was Head of Research and Consultancy at the same Institution.  He is a Master Mariner and worked on ships for eleven years culminating in an appointment as Master (Ship Captain).

He holds degrees in Maritime Affairs (MSc.) and Maritime Administration (PhD) from the World Maritime University with ITF and Sheldon Kinney Fellowships respectively.