Project description

The MARPART2-MAN project focuses on cross-border knowledge transfer of best-practice managerial skills between education and training institutions and the national crisis preparedness systems in the High North.

The objective of this project is to contribute to relief support and efficient cross-border cooperation through knowledge transfer and preparedness system. As well as to a tailor-made education and to a more goal-oriented and cost-efficient training and exercise schemes.

Principal Investigator

Olof Lindén

Professor, Nippon Chair in Marine Environmental Management, Dr. Linden also holds a part time professorship in Coastal Management at the University of Kalmar.

Project Officer

Fabio Ballini

Dr Fabio Ballini has Economic and Maritime Transportation background. He obtained his MSc in Maritime Economics and Transport at the Faculty of Economics in Genova (Italy) and holds a Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, awarded a European Ph.D. label, from the University of Genova (Italy), Dept. of Naval, Electrical, Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering (DITEN).