Project description

Proposal to Develop a Master Level Course: Maritime Governance (MG) & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The overall goal is to promote and enhance educational and training opportunities for developing regions in the area of Maritime Education related to improved maritime governance and corporate social responsibility; to agree upon a concept of MG in maritime administrations in the developing nations and also gain lessons from CSR in the maritime industry. The research outcomes will aid in the formulation of core material for the deveopment of a master level model course that wil lbe introduced in WMU's own MSc programs and potentially rolled out as a PDC.

Project Officer

Olof Lindén

Professor, Nippon Chair in Marine Environmental Management, Dr. Linden also holds a part time professorship in Coastal Management at the University of Kalmar.

Daniel Seong-Hyeok Moon

Dr. Moon is currently a Professor at the World Maritime University (on Leave of Absence). Dr. Moon earned his Ph.D. degree in Port Economics from Cardiff University, UK. His area of teaching and research has been closely related to ports in terms of management, operation and logistics. He also has a specialty in Maritime Education & Training (MET) based upon his experiences in educating students at Korea Maritime University (KMU) where he has worked for more than 25 years.

Johan Bolmsten

Use Oriented Design and Development, Evolvable Software Products, End User Development

Dr. Johan Bolmsten is an Academic Information Manager and Lecturer of Maritime Education and Training (MET) at the World Maritime University (Sweden). He holds a Masters in Science in Information Systems from the Blekinge Institute of Technology and a Ph.D in Participatory Design and socio-technical infrastructure development from the IT-University of Copenhagen.