Project description

PROMERC (Protection Measures for Merchant Ships) aims to reduce the vulnerability of EU merchant fleets and maritime supply lines to criminal abduction and extortion and thereby reduce risk to mariners, shipping and the environment while also reducing costs and remaining cognisant of legal and social constraints. PROMERC is an EU research project.

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Principal Investigator

Aref Fakhry

Dr Aref Fakhry joined WMU in 2014 as an Associate Professor. He mainly lectures in WMU's MSc Maritime Law and Policy specialisation. His areas of expertise are commercial maritime law, maritime security, marine environmental law, and ocean governance and policy. Aref carries 15 years’ experience as a lecturer at the IMO International Maritime Law Institute (IMLI) and the International Ocean Institute.

Project Officer

Dimitrios Dalaklis

Dr. Dimitrios Dalaklis joined WMU in the summer of 2014, upon completion of a twenty-six years distinguished career with the Hellenic Navy (HN). Having spend numerous years at sea, his expertise revolves around maritime safety & security issues, including topics under the maritime education and training agenda. Upon graduation from the Hellenic Naval Academy (HNA), he followed the normal career path of a naval officer by serving on-board various large warships of the Hellenic Fleet.

Martin E. Conroy, Jr.

Captain Conroy received his LLM at London Metropolitan University in 2011. His dissertation considered the role of the shipmaster in counter-piracy. He has sailed in the American Merchant Marine since 1976, including 26 years as Master of container, heavy lift and Ro/Ro ships. He is currently at sea, engaged in counter-terror, force protection and dynamic positioning operations.

Raphael Baumler

Raphael Baumler holds a Ph.D. in Risk Management and focuses his academic work on the impact of the vessel’s socioeconomical environment on safety and environment.

Primarily educated as a dual officer, he has worked on various types of vessels. Dr. Baumler spent 20 years in a seafaring career. He ended this occupation after six years as Master on a large container ship. His sea life drove him to work as Staff Captain on a cruise ship, and he completed various assignments as dual Junior Officer on board container ship, ferry, VLCC and supply vessel.

Khanssa Lagdami

Dr Khanssa Lagdami joined WMU in 2015 as a Researcher. Her areas of expertise are Law of the Sea, Ocean governance and policy, Marine environmental law, maritime security, maritime transport and new technologies. Khanssa carries over than 10 years of experience as a Researcher in maritime and ocean affairs. Her research interests involve project creation, project management as well as capacity building and training (especially for developing countries).