Project description

The objectives of this project (Study on international best practices for cross-border Maritime Spatial Planning -MSP)  are:

1. Establish a detailed inventory of MSP implementation in the world;

2. Explore four case studies of MSP implementation in order to identify best practices in relation to the requirements of Directive 2014/89/EU;

3. Prepare recommendations on the format, scope and added-value of international cooperation on MSP;

4. Organise a high level final conference presenting best practices and recommendations, and involving representatives from the four case studies.

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Principal Investigator

Aref Fakhry

Dr Aref Fakhry joined WMU in 2014 as an Associate Professor. He mainly lectures in WMU's MSc Maritime Law and Policy specialisation. His areas of expertise are commercial maritime law, maritime security, marine environmental law, and ocean governance and policy. Aref carries 15 years’ experience as a lecturer at the IMO International Maritime Law Institute (IMLI) and the International Ocean Institute.

Project Officer

Project Duration

January, 2016 to March, 2017