BUGWRIGHT2 Forum 2024

The WMU-Sasakawa Global Ocean Institute (GOI) at the World Maritime University (WMU) will host the WMU-BUGWRIGHT2 Forum 2024 in Athens on 16 February 2024. This important event will serve as a culminating gathering of national and international high-level experts for the European Union's Horizon2020 (H2020) funded project, Overcoming Regulatory Barriers for Service Robotics in an Ocean Industry Context (BUGWRIGHT2).

Since the inception of the project, the primary objective has been to bridge the existing gap between the present and aspired functionalities concerning service robotics utilized in vessel survey, inspection, and maintenance. The GOI's defined role within this initiative encompasses the crafting of a cutting-edge regulatory framework concerning robotics and autonomous systems (RAS) in the domain of vessel survey and inspection.

The WMU-GOI BUGWRIGHT2 Forum will serve as a platform for dialogue and discussion among BUGWRIGHT2 stakeholders, including the Senior Advisory Group. The principal objective of the forum is to deliberate upon the strengths, weaknesses, obstacles and prospects stemming from the implementation of technology and or techniques within the maritime and oceanic realm.  

Panels for the WMU-GOI BUGWRIGHT2 Forum 2024 include:

Panel 1: Rise of Maritime Robotics:Because Humans were not Sufficient?

Panel 2: Confronting GlobalEnvironmental Challenges with Innovation;

Panel 3: Technology & Industry Perception: Are we Ready?

Panel 4: Global North v. GlobalSouth: Bridging the Digital Divide

Panel 5: Innovation & Regulation:How Best to Break Silos

Panel 6: Recommendations for DigitalReform: Ways Forward

To access the draft programme, click here.

Onsite participation in the WMU-BUGWRIGHT2 Forum 2024 is by invitation only. Online participation is open to all interested parties.

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