International Maritime Law


Summer Academy - International Maritime Law

Summer Academy - International Maritime Law



“Can Maritime Law Efficiently Serve the Contemporary Needs of Shipping?”
28 August - 1 September 2023
Malmö, Sweden


Maritime transport is an essential pillar for world trade, carrying over 80% of international merchandise by volume. Serving the contractual needs of the commercial parties is one aspect of maritime law. However, these needs cannot be viewed in isolation of the challenges for shipping and the existing complex regulatory environment. The programme introduces the participant to the realm of maritime claims in a wider context, which includes areas such as ship registration, marine insurance, decarbonization, salvage, and compulsory liability. Further, the curriculum extends to electronic transport documents in light of cyberthreats. In addition, the repercussions that will ensue for shipping from autonomous ships will be addressed as well as the impact of sanctions for shipping.     

About the Summer Academy

The World Maritime University (WMU) is a unique academic institution, founded within the framework of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), a specialized agency of the United Nations. The University has a reputation for bringing together stakeholders such as academics, researchers, professionals, and industry to explore cross-cutting topics facing the maritime industry. The WMU Summer Academy provides a unique opportunity for these stakeholders to gather and share knowledge, as well as collaborate on potential solutions that will directly benefit the maritime industry.


The WMU Summer Academy course on International Maritime Law is coordinated by Professor George Theocharidis and will be delivered by external experts and WMU Faculty. 



On successful completion of the Summer Academy course on International Maritime Law, the participant should be able to:

  • Understand the legal challenges in the shipping sector;
  • Understand the concept of ship registration and how it is undermined by fraudulent registration practices;
  • Appreciate the significance of sanctions compliance and the repercussions in case of breach;
  • Understand the problem of maritime disruption and how marine insurance can assuage the negative consequences;
  • Appreciate the risks and legal challenges in a liability regime for autonomous ships;
  • Understand the existing legal framework for ship collisions, especially the rule on liability apportionment;
  • Grasp the principles that apply in the law of salvage and appreciate the significance of an LOF in a salvage operation;
  • Achieve an overview of the compulsory liability regime in shipping and understand the challenges that lie ahead for the sector;
  • Understand the IMO GHG strategy on decarbonization and associate its relevance to practical aspects, such as vessel chartering;
  • Gain a deeper understanding of transport documents, especially e-docs;
  • Understand the current risks of cyberthreats and their impact on the shipping sector;
  • Understand the significance of due diligence incorporate sustainability of the shipping sector;
  • Gain knowledge on a range of significant issues pertaining to maritime claim satisfaction, such as provision of security by ship arrest, claim enforcement, including the mechanism of judicial sale, transboundary maritime bankruptcies, as well as the international dimension of dispute resolution.


This Summer Academy course is open to individuals interested in gaining an in-depth understanding of the main topics of maritime law, which serve the contemporary needs of the shipping sector, and those interested in acquiring further skills for career development in the relevant field. This includes graduate students, researchers and academics, as well as industry professionals (lawyers, shipping company executives, senior claims officers, etc.) and public servants (judges, maritime administrative officers, etc.)

Key Facts

Key Facts


Participants will be awarded a Certificate of Accomplishment, and receive an official programme outlining the topics covered. 


The course schedule is daily from 09.00-17.00 with lunch provided as well as a morning and afternoon coffee break.

Day 1 – Current Challenges for Shipping

Day 2 – New Technologies in Shipping

Day 3 - Liability

Day 4 – Regulatory Compliance and Commercial Relationships 

Day 5 – Maritime Claims

Presentation of certificates


Introductory Greeting: The Right Hon Lord Hamblen of Kersey (in situ)




  • Participants should be close to completing, or have already completed, their Master’s or PhD studies and/or have several years of equivalent professional experience in the field.
  • Participants will be selected based on curriculum vitae, academic and professional career. Students applicants must also submit a letter of motivation.
  • The programme is delivered in English and participants must be able to follow the programme delivery in this language.
  • There is a maximum limit of 40 on the number of participants.


Course Dates:
Application deadline: Open enrollment period

*Late applications will still be considered subject to availability.


Full  -  $ 2,750  
Early bird  -  $ 2,500
Students/WMU Alumni  -  $ 1,750

Fees include:

  • in-class attendance with access to learning material
  • accommodation
  • refreshments (morning and afternoon coffee breaks) and lunches provided during the programme delivery

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All applications must be completed online. Paper applications are not available.

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