Cyber-MAR Training: Managing Cybersecurity

The second Cyber-MAR training opportunity will take place 15-16 June with opportunities for an Entry Level course on “Managing Cybersecurity” as well as an Intermediate Level of training featuring “Introduction to the Cyber Range (Theory)” and “Using a Cyber Range to Understand Risk (Theory)” [I003].

The training will close with a webinar on 16 June that aims to discuss the main challenges of maritime cybersecurity by sharing real-life experiences to understand emerging threats and how to counter them. The training is suitable for cyber-security/IT experts as well as non-IT-expert personnel of ports, shipping operators, and linked entities influenced by possible cascading effects to raise the cyber-threat awareness level within those organizations through hands-on training.

Training Schedule

15 June

Intermediate Level: Introduction to Cyber Range (Theory) [I001]

Intermediate Level: Using a Cyber Range to Understand Risk (Theory) [I003]

16 June

Entry Level: Managing Cybersecurity [EL02]

Closing Webinar – Cybersecurity at Sea: Real Life Experiences

More information about the upcoming training courses is available on the Cyber-MAR website: Cyber-MAR training courses

Information about the webinar that will take place at the end of the training on 16 June is available here: Cyber-MAR webinar

The registration deadline for all of the training opportunities is 18:00 (CET), 8 June.

About Cyber-MAR

Cyber-MAR is an effort to fully unlock the value of the use of cyber range in the maritime logistics value chain via the development of an innovative simulation environment adapting in the peculiarities of the maritime sector but being at the same time easily applicable in other transport subsectors. A combination of innovative technologies are the technology enablers of the proposed Cyber-MAR platform, which is not only a knowledge-based platform, but more importantly a decision support tool to cybersecurity measures, by deploying novel risk analysis and econometric models. CSIRTs/CERTs data collected will be analysed and feed the knowledge-based platform with new-targeted scenarios and exercises.

The World Maritime University (WMU) is a Cyber-MAR project partner and is leading the training which is free of charge. Courses will be available at different levels of complexity (entry, intermediate, advanced) to accommodate trainees with various levels of experience.