Maritime Women: Global Leadership 2nd International Conference

31 March - 1 April 2014
Malmö, Sweden

Following on the maritime women focused conference hosted by WMU in 2008, Maritime Women: Global Leadership 2014 will focus on the challenges and opportunities for professional maritime women given the current political, social and economic global changes we are facing today. Gender inequalities and discrimination remain deeply entrenched in many societies and are very much present in the maritime sector. The conference aims at portraying how gender differences and unfair practices in professional maritime employment can be addressed by all the stakeholders: at international and national level; by the government, the corporate sector and individuals.

The call of the conference is for strong Leadership and Mentoring: the recognition and sharing of ‘best practices’ and the encouragement and development of new initiatives not only to promote employment opportunities but also to strengthen women’s roles once they are recruited. In that sense, they often encounter a void when trying to find mentors to help them achieve higher ranking positions in their professional development and to retain them on a career basis in the maritime sector.

The conference will also showcase the achievements of the women alumni of WMU in the world and across the entire spectrum of maritime activity. There are other associations for professional women in the maritime sector that could be contacted to form a close knit resource pool to promote the formation of stronger alliances and support networks to women.

The global maritime transportation sector plays a major role in securing sustainable, environmental-conscious, global industrial growth and development and we hope to instill the notion that the best global economic return comes from sustained investment in education, training, mentoring and a management deeply committed to ethics and fairness in the workplace and in the world.

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