Shipping and Risk Management - open enrollment

Shipping and Risk Management

This is a three-day course packed with expertise in shipping management, types of management structures, measurement of strategic performance, and identification of strategic challenges in shipping. It offers a critical understanding of how all methods of shipping risk management, including shipping derivatives, can be applied in the day-to-day business practice in shipping. The programme also develops an understanding of the strategic challenges in shipping, including operational and commercial issues and financial risk management.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, you will:

• Identify advanced organizational structures and major activities in shipping companies

• Explain and analyze key strategic issues in decision-making, within all sectors of the shipping industry

• Recognize the risk-return trade-offs and the sources of business risks in ship management;

• Apply risk management strategies, with the use of shipping derivatives in freight rates, bunker fuel prices,

vessel prices, foreign exchange rates and interest rates.

Course Structure

• Organizational structure of shipping companies

• Ship management (technical, operation, crew)

• The operating costs of running ships

• The concept and sources of business risks in shipping

• Vessel portfolio strategy of shipping companies

• Chartering portfolio strategy of shipping companies

• The use of derivatives for risk management in shipping

• The underlying freight indices and freight derivatives

• Risk management practical examples in the dry-bulk, tanker and containership sectors

• Bunker fuel risk management

• Vessel value risk management

• Foreign exchange and interest rate risk management

Who Should Attend

The course is open enrollment, meaning anyone who is interested may register to attend. The course is best suited to individuals with the following background:

Ship Owners, CEOs, CFOs, Managing Directors, Treasurers, Ship Operators, Port Operators

Crew Managers, Ship Managers, Chartering Managers, Operations Managers

Charterers, Shipbrokers, Accountants, Financial Analysts, Bankers, Shipping Fund Investors,

Freight and Logistics Providers, Maritime Insurers

Postgraduate students in the field of financial management

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