Shipping Finance and Financial Maritime Management - open enrollment

Shipping Finance and Financial Maritime Management

A three-day course that provides an analytical and integrated study of problems, issues and methods involved in ship finance and investment appraisal, focusing on the critical evaluation of the various financial methods under risky and uncertain situations. It will cover the general principles of shipping financial management and the impact of economic variables on the financial operations of shipping business organizations using both a theoretical and a practical approach.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of the course, you will:

  • Understand and apply financial management principles and analysis for investment purposes in shipping
  • Demonstrate competence in Corporate Finance and Reporting, and make informed judgments in the operations, investment, and financing for shipping projects
  • Appraise alternative sources of capital for shipping projects
  • Understand and analyze banking operations relative to the issuance of private and public equity and debt.

Course Structure

  • Financial assessment
  • Capital budgeting in shipping
  • Investment appraisal (NPV and IRR) in shipping bank, shipping loans and bank syndication
  • Bank credit analysis
  • Issuance of shipping loans
  • Public and private equity in shipping
  • High-yield shipping junk bonds and credit spreads

Who Should Attend

Ship Owners, CEOs, CFOs Managing Directors, Treasurers, Ship Operators, Port Operators Crew Managers, Ship Managers, Chartering Managers, Operations Managers
Charterers, Shipbrokers, Accountants, Financial Analysts, Bankers, Shipping Fund Investors,
Freight and Logistics Providers, Maritime Insurers
Postgraduate students in the field of financial management

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