The “Ever Given” – A Legal Status Update

The containership “Ever Given” made global headlines in March 2021 when the ship grounded in the Suez Canal and blocked all inbound and outbound Suez Canal traffic for six days. However, the legal repercussions from this incident last far longer. After the ship was successfully refloated she was officially detained by the Egyptian authorities for several months. The detention of the ship also affected the cargo as transhipment of the containers to other vessels was not authorized. The protracted civil proceedings to lift the arrest of the ship (and cargo) were caused by diverging views of the parties with regard to questions of liability and compensation. Above all, the details of a financial security to be provided to the Suez Canal Authority were disputed.

The main purpose of the webinar is to give a legal status update and objective overview of the proceedings that unfolded in the aftermath of the “Ever Given” incident, i.e. between March and July 2021. Due to the complexity of the proceedings, it will not be possible to address all relevant matters but the discussion points will highlight questions of:

- salvage;
- general average;
- ship arrest to enforce maritime claims, including the role of the Suez Canal Authority, and potential countermeasures (SCA);
- P&I insurance;
- cargo insurance; and
- further potential liability for delays resulting from the long detention of the ship.

Dr. Henning Jessen, Associate Professor, World Maritime University
Dr. George Theocharidis, Professor, World Maritime University

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