The Northern European Shipping CSR Symposium

Invitation to the Northern European Shipping

CSR Symposium 2013

12 November, 2013

Making the business case for a sustainable shipping industry

Shipping companies are increasingly flagging CSR activities as an important part of their business strategies. Utilizing innovative thinking, the CSR concept is being pushed further, and far enough, to sustain the environment and social dimension while saving costs. The Symposium gives voice to these advancements and will include presentations from both an applied and a theoretical perspective. These ideas will flow into a panel debate of CSR themes relevant for decision makers in the shipping industry. CSR will be presented as a business case in the maritime industry, including discussions about if and how the market will economically reward companies that engage in CSR activities.

  • Hear industry and academic standpoints on the CSR agenda for the shipping industry.
  • Acquire new knowledge from companies with concrete experience in adopting CSR principles in the shipping industry and the latest research.
  • Voice your opinion on CSR industry needs and research developments in an exclusive panel discussion.
  • Make useful contacts for your company’s CSR development.
  • Take part in a unique event bridging activities for industry and research with maritime stakeholders, businesses, regulators and authorities.

CSR is an increasingly important part of business strategies at many shipping companies, and not merely as an add-on activity. Companies are recognising CSR as a business tool with measurable benefits. The CSR Symposium takes stock of these developments and will provide a forum for information exchange on practical experiences with the integration of social and environmental factors in business decision-making to promote the business case for CSR in the maritime sector.

Building on existing hands-on experience with CSR tools, the Symposium will provide new knowledge that can further CSR development. Understanding the opportunities that exist in integrating CSR principles and practices in the shipping industry can support progress on ocean and coastal sustainability while driving business.

The Symposium reflects outcomes of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio + 20, held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in June 2012. The Rio +20 outcome document entitled “The future we want” recognised that the active participation of the private sector is critical to achieving sustainable development. At the CSR Symposium, the private sector is invited to explore these outcomes with due reference to business practices, such as those endorsed by the United Nations ”Global Compact”, ”The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights” or the ISO 26000 “Guidance on Corporate Social Responsibility”. The Symposium is also aligned with The International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) theme for World Maritime Day 2013, “Sustainable Development: IMO’s contribution beyond Rio+20.”

To provide a forum to address these issues, The Nippon Foundation, Japanese International Transport Institute (JITI), The Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO), World Maritime University (WMU) and Danish Shipowners Association (DSA) will host the CSR Symposium in Denmark on 12 November 2013 at Helsingør Culture Wharf and The Maritime Museum in Helsingør.

For questions and further information please contact the Symposium Secretariat: Ms. Mia Hedin on CSR2013@wmu.se