Students who cannot secure funding in their home countries can be considered for one of the fellowships that are made available each year by a number of international donors. The majority of these fellowships cover the full costs of studying at the University (except the journey to Malmö), but others may cover only the tuition fee.

The application must be made by the candidate’s employer, who is responsible for completing the Application for Financial Support form. Additionally, certain countries may require that the completed forms are then passed through a central agency for endorsement, before they are sent on to the University. This can be done by a covering letter, or by a countersignature on the form used for making the application for financial support.

A liaison with the donors is through the University, which puts forward the files of eligible applicants to the donors. Please note that the donors have indicated that they do not wish applicants to contact them directly.

The donors have established the criteria that they use when considering applicants: awards are usually restricted to those aged under 40 and some donors give priority to certain regions, to certain specializations or to female applicants.

Detailed information about academic qualifications, including English language test scores, computer skills, professional track record and anticipated employment after graduation are taken into account by donors when awarding fellowships.

Candidates who hope to secure a donated fellowship must apply as early as possible to maximise their chances. This is particularly important for candidates from Asian countries who wish to be considered for the Sasakawa World Maritime University Fellowships, administered by The Sasakawa Peace Foundation of Japan. These applicants must also complete the required Motivation Statement.

Donors start to allocate fellowships very early each year, and the process goes on over a period of several months.